Monday, December 11, 2006

Bonjour et Bienvenue!

We have been working on our podcast for the last two weeks. We had a bit of rerecording to do as some of our original work didn't come out very clearly, but it is finally all ready. Mrs McDowall is trying to find a way to post our mp3 here - a school network issue? - but until then, you can find it on our school website . It lasts nearly 5 minutes which is quite long but we are really proud of the end results. We hope you have fun listening to it - we certainly had great fun making it!

by Primary 5


p7 teach said...

Sorry, we can't listen to your podcasts- a 'site forbidden' message comes up on the link to your school website?

We were not able to access our blogger site at school today.... access denied message comes up so someone has blocked 'Blogger' sites in Falkirk Council! I hope we can resolve this!!

Inchinnan Primary School said...

We are working to upload our mp3 through Odeo, but I can't access this through school network and will have to upload it at home! We got someone to unblock Blogger within Renfrewshire Council. Hope it is sorted out for you soon.

p7 teach said...

Hello - we're unblocked at school now ... but we're not allowed to access any schools that use Blogger so I'm getting in touch from home again.

We're all 'e-mailed out'and can't get 'them' to understand!!

The only way we managed to get podcasts on to Blogger was to go via our wikispace - let me know if you find a direct path!!