Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hier, aujourd'hui et demain!

Yesterday, today and tomorrow!
First we copied Mrs McDowall's chart from the smartboard. It was all about the days of the week in French. We had to complete it by working out which day was yesterday, today or tomorrow. Mrs McDowall timed us. We had only two minutes but it was a trick as four of the answers were the same! Only seven noticed and worked it out!!

Mrs McDowall set up some digital times on the board and we used our numbers to answer her. We were wondering why we had only gone up to 59!! Now we know.

Then we created a graph of our birthdays using an online graph. We had to spell the months of the year using "ça c’est écrit ..." while Mrs McDowall wrote them in. People had to come out and touch the whiteboard when it was their birthday month. You can see our graph and our days of the week chart below.

Finally, you can see us leaving answers to the questions on Kirklandneuk's blog.
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by Ross and Shannon

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John said...

Hi Ross and Shannon,
great post, I've learned a lot about some ways to teach. I love the graph idea.
I like how your post fits in with the photos.
Do you find bubbleshare easy to use?

BTW my mother went to Inchinnan primary I think she would have been there during WW2. i was born in Inchinnan in 1958 but left before i was old enough to go to school.