Sunday, June 24, 2007

Last Day

Today was our last class with Mrs McDowall as we have our P7 Valedictory Service next Thursday. We spent the first part of the lesson trying to log on to the GLOW competition but it kept saying blocked. Mrs McDowall got Mrs Waddell to phone the help desk but they didn't manage to sort it out in time for us to enter the competition. If it gets fixed, Mrs McDowall is going to get the Primary 7s to try and enter it for us. Fingers crossed!
Then, we split into groups and each group was given a conversation to rehearse. We then created another podcast. This one is all about ma famille - my family. We used Odeo Studio and My Podcast to host the audio. We hope you enjoy it. We certainly had fun creating it!
Have a great summer holiday!
by Primary 5

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Tu as des frères ou des soeurs?

Today we revised all the family names using the flashcards. Mrs McDowall kept putting up flashcards and asking us what they meant in English and French. We had to translate into English and back to French and sometimes we had to answer in both French and English. It was quite hard, but good fun.
Then, we matched the words in French to the figures on the board. There was one missing flashcard as you can see from the photo. Can you tell us what is missing?
Finally, we went on to Kirklandneuk's blog and answered their question about our brothers and sisters. Some of us couldn't remember how to do the accents so we will need to remind ourselves to use typeit next time.
Mrs McDowall has set us some homework for next week. We have to listen to this mp3 file and repeat all of the family names. She has also bookmarked it in delicious/inchinnan.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ma Famille - 31/5/07

Today in French we practised saying the family names. We used Roller to help us with this. Roller said the words and we repeated it. Then we listened to this song and we had to figure out how many cousins Roller had. None of us got it right, so we listened to it again and it was 8!
Next we did this Lanuages Online activity and again we had to repeat the words. We had to drag the heads on to the correct place in the family tree. If it wasn't correct, it wouldn't let you place it.
Then we had to do the sheet below. You have to write mon or ma in the correct place. Mon is for a boy and ma is for a girl. Why don't you try this fantastic sheet and see if you can get it right?
Finally, we answered Kirklandneuk's question "Combien de personnes est-ce qu'il y a dans ta famille?" which means "How many people are in your family?" and all of us had different answers but they all said "Il y a ... personnes dans ma famille."

by Robyn and Shannon

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Date of Meeting

Dear Pupil Council Members,

Our next meeting is on Friday 1st June at 12.15. At the meeting we will discuss Rainbow Day.

See you then,

Miss Campbell

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pupil Council Meeting

I met with the Pupil Council at their meeting on Friday 18th May to ask their views on the recent introduction of Golden Time. It had after all been their suggestion.

The good things - or stars were:

  • Everyone enjoys it and has fun

  • The teachers enjoy it and get to do things they like

  • It is good to have pupils from each stage of the school in the groups

  • We get to try new activities

  • We're not doing the same thing over again

  • Once a month is good as we look forward to it and it is a special time.

Wishes were:

  • More outside activities

  • Golden time with Classroom Assistants eg baking in morning and ready for eating later

  • 2 pupils from each class to go to Mrs McCluskey's Party.

If you have any other suggestions or points to make - post them on the blog.

Mrs McCluskey

Thursday, May 10, 2007

La famille

We started today by doing some questions to revise the answers that we have learned so far. We did really well and remembered most things.
Next we learned about the members of the family. You can see all the family members we know so far in the picture. We did a listening assessment and all of us got it right so we all got stickers!
Then we talked about brothers and sisters. To help us remember, we played a game using flashcards about "Tu as des frères ou des soeurs?". There were 12 cards face down and one person had to pick up 3 or 4 cards. The other person asked "Tu as des frères ou des soeurs?" and you had to reply how many you had. Some of the cards were blank so you could answer "Je suis enfant unique" which means I am an only child.You can see some of us playing the game below.
Finally we left comments on Kirlandneuk's blog. Today's lesson was fun!
by Primary 5
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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Quel âge a-t-il/elle?

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Can you answer our questions? We have been practising asking others questions today so we thought we'd let you have a go! We have just learned how to ask what age is he or she.