Thursday, November 30, 2006

French on St Andrew's Day

We started today by naming the objects in our school bag. We played the pairs game again. We had to say "Dans mon sac il y a ... et ..." and our partner asked "C'est une paire?" and we had to say "Oui" or "Non". While we were playing Mrs McDowall came round and recorded us! We thought our voices sounded different. We are going to make these recordings into a podcast next week.
We then went on to Loirston Primary blog and left comments about their classroom objects podcast. Some of us left comments in French. We also left some comments on Kirklandneuk's blog . Last of all we listened to the alphabet song which is to the tune of twinkle, twinkle little star. We noticed that all the different colours of letters were to show which ones sounded the same. We are going to learn the song next week and include it in our podcast.

Check back next week for, hopefully, our completed podcast, including P6 singing a song about the months of the year!

by Karen and Derek


euan said...

I enjoy going on to Loiston primary school.There podcast was good

p7 teach said...

Thanks for you comments on our Blog. Your Blog is super - we learn French as well and we really like your activities!