Thursday, November 02, 2006

More French Numbers

Bonjour, today in French we did more work on French numbers to 12. We have learned how to add, subract, multipy and divide sums in French. Mrs McDowall read out some sums and we had to answer them. We both got 10 out of 10! We also used the bananas again to show the numbers.

We also did a test to see what we remembered about French greetings. Do you remember Bonne nuit means good night and Bon soir means good evening? Some of us forgot!

We learned a French song called Mon merle a perdu une plume and Mrs McDowall recorded it and took pictures of us singing it. It is on our School Website for you to listen to.

We did a listening activity on where people lived. We asked Ou habite tu? and replied J'habite à .... en ......

We really enjoyed French today. It was good fun and we are glad we have now learned a French song. :-)

by Euan C and Ewan N

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Mrs McDowall said...

Well done Primary 5. You worked hard today and you really are getting good at your numbers. Remember to go on to Kirklandneuk's blog and answer their sum questions for homework.

Mrs McDowall

Mrs McCluskey said...

Well done with the French song Primary 5. I see your wish was granted Euan C.
Keep up the French - and the blog.

KyleM said...

Kirklandneuk Primary has done there numbers and here are some numbers!! ( not in order)


i know a lot of other numbers!!

Robyn M said...

I really like doing French.In the the alphabet I keep forgetting what y is.