Thursday, November 30, 2006

French on St Andrew's Day

We started today by naming the objects in our school bag. We played the pairs game again. We had to say "Dans mon sac il y a ... et ..." and our partner asked "C'est une paire?" and we had to say "Oui" or "Non". While we were playing Mrs McDowall came round and recorded us! We thought our voices sounded different. We are going to make these recordings into a podcast next week.
We then went on to Loirston Primary blog and left comments about their classroom objects podcast. Some of us left comments in French. We also left some comments on Kirklandneuk's blog . Last of all we listened to the alphabet song which is to the tune of twinkle, twinkle little star. We noticed that all the different colours of letters were to show which ones sounded the same. We are going to learn the song next week and include it in our podcast.

Check back next week for, hopefully, our completed podcast, including P6 singing a song about the months of the year!

by Karen and Derek

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Today's French

Today we learned new words about things in your bag.The words we learned were: une trousse which is a pencil case, un cahier is a jotter, une regle is a ruler, un stylo is a pen, une gomme is a rubber, un taille-crayon is a sharpener, un sac is a bag, un crayon is a pencil and un livre is a book. We also played a game. We had nine pictures of the school things we just told you about and words to match the cards. The rules were no cheating and play fair. The instructions were to place the cards upside down, turn them over and look for a set. It was tres bien!!!!!!!!!

By Robyn & Rhiannan P5

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Numbers 13 - 19

Bonjour! The first thing we did today was to go to Kirklandneuk's blog and leave them some answers to their sums. Next, we learned numbers between 13 and 19. We played a game with numbers. We stood in two lines, and you had to think of a number and write it on the person's back with your finger. We also played another game. Three people had a piece of paper with a French number on it and the people had to guess and say the number in French. Miss Reid took some pictures of us playing this game. We also did a listening activity and everyone got six out of six!

Here are some sums for you Kirklandneuk .

1) 8 + 1 =
2) 9 X 2 =
3) 17 + 2 =
4) 13 - 6 =
5) 10 + 8 =
6) 12 - 8 =
7) 6 X 3 ÷ 2 =
8) 7 X 2 - 4 + 5 =

by Margaret and Shannon

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

More French Numbers

Bonjour, today in French we did more work on French numbers to 12. We have learned how to add, subract, multipy and divide sums in French. Mrs McDowall read out some sums and we had to answer them. We both got 10 out of 10! We also used the bananas again to show the numbers.

We also did a test to see what we remembered about French greetings. Do you remember Bonne nuit means good night and Bon soir means good evening? Some of us forgot!

We learned a French song called Mon merle a perdu une plume and Mrs McDowall recorded it and took pictures of us singing it. It is on our School Website for you to listen to.

We did a listening activity on where people lived. We asked Ou habite tu? and replied J'habite à .... en ......

We really enjoyed French today. It was good fun and we are glad we have now learned a French song. :-)

by Euan C and Ewan N

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