Wednesday, March 14, 2007

14/3/07 Pupil Council Meeting

Remember Friday is Red Nose Day. Everybody can wear red if they bring 50p but no football strips.

We saw Andrew's thank-you for our Talent Show on William's Syndrome.

Our next meeting is on Friday, 23rd March. If you have any comments to make to the Pupil Council please leave them before that date.


The Pupil Council


Inchinnan Primary School said...

Thank you for allowing me to come to your Pupil Council meeting. It was good to hear what you had been discussing and I was delighted to post your blog for you. Hopefully you will have lots of interesting comments for your next meeting. Good luck!
Mrs McDowall

Anonymous said...

I think it was good fun letting us dress up in red and bring in 50p for The Red Nose Charity!

by Sophie and Lauren P4

Anonymous said...

How much money did we raise for Comic Relief?

by Iain & Robbie McW

Anonymous said...

Could we go on more school trips like the beach and fun parks?

by Emily and Lisa p4

Anonymous said...

We loved Red nose day. Thanks to Comic Relief.
by Jamie and Grant.

Anonymous said...

The fence in P3,4,5,6 and 7s playground is wobbly and broken. It could seriously hurt someone and we would like it repaired.
by Robbie Macd and Kieran P4

Anonymous said...

On Red Nose Day it was P4's assembly. All the school wore something red. We all brought in 50p which went to Comic Relief.
by Gavin and Kristopher in P4.

Anonymous said...

Could we get some football nets for the back playground please and mabye some footballs along with it?

by Thomas and Craig P4

Anonymous said...

I think the school is great but could we have some grass in the back playground. The talent show was good with a good variety of fantastic acts with singing and magic acts included. I enjoyed dressing up on World Book Day and bringing in 50p for the Roald Dahl fund.

by Adam and Martin

Anonymous said...

Thank you for Red nose day. I thought it was great and so did everyone else. It was so cool to see everyone in red. I hope we have a red nose day like that again. I had a great time playing in red. I think 50p is a good price. I hope we raised lots of money.
by Shaun and Jack