Friday, March 23, 2007

23/3/07 Pupil Council Meeting

Thank you for your comments.
We have raised £189.50 for Comic Relief. Thank you to all of you for taking part.
Sophie in P4 came to our meeting today with a proposal. She asked the Pupil Council if the school would take part in the Rainbow Appeal in memory of her friend Johanna. We voted unaminously to accept her proposal. More details to follow.
If you have any other comments please leave them here and we will try to answer them.


Anonymous said...
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Amy B said...

Bonjour inchinnan !!!

Joyeuses Pâques !!!

Lauren R & Ross ki said...

Bonjour inchinnan

Joyeuses Pâques

Rebecca from Carronshore said...

For comic relief in our school we brought in change and made a penny trail and we all wore red we raised £515

Inchinnan Primary School said...

Wow! That's fantastic. Well done Carronshore!

Anonymous said...

The Pupil Counil has agreed to do parachute games.