Monday, October 09, 2006

P6 Healthy Living Week

This week (October 9th - 13th, 2006) is our Healthy Living Week. We have been asked to keep a healthy diary of all the healthy food, drink and activities we do this week. We are going to leave comments about what we do.
Throughout the week we are having a Walk to School Week to win the Golden Trainer. We hope we win it!
On Monday, we are going to be making Smoothies - yummy!!
On Tuesday, we are making healthy wraps and thinking about the effects of fizzy/sugary drinks.
On Wednesday, we are watching a PACE drama.
On Thursday, we are going swimming and we have a Poster Challenge to create a poster of a healthy diet in an hour!
On Friday, we are having a Harvest Service and a Skip for Scotland challenge.
The other classes in the school are doing lots of healthy activities as well.
We are really excited about it and hope it will be great fun. We want everyone to stay safe and healthy.
by Primary 6


Mrs McDowall said...

Go for it Primary 6! I'm sure you will have a super healthy week.
Mrs McDowall

Rebecca said...

I did not like the smoothies. We had a apple and a bannana and in the other we had strawbeerios, rasbeerios and bluebeerios.
Rebecca Liddle

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the pace it was realy good I also like the smoothies and wraps. Jordan M

Kyle M said...

Bonjour Inchinnan Primary School I hope you know lots of French we are learning too!!!

Salut Everybody at Inchinnan primary ,I hope your going to practise some french in the Holiday and have a nice holiday and ask if you can go to France!!!

stuart f said...


Mrs McCluskey said...

Well done Primary 6. You had a very busy Health Week. I hope you enjoyed it and learned a lot. Did you all walk to school every day? I hope you enjoyed the PACE performance. I have found your blog interesting. Keep in touch!

shannon s said...

I have had a great HEALTHY LIVING WEEK. I have walked to school every day, ionly go in the car when my dad is picking up the cans!