Thursday, October 26, 2006

Counting French Numbers

We went on to our French blog and were looking at all the comments we have been getting. A lot of comments were from our class and other people in the school and Kirklandneuk Primary had left us loads of comments which made us feel very very happy.
Mrs McDowall introduced numbers 1 - 12 to us. Then we got out the banana number cards and most of us got the numbers right. This is us doing our numbers.
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After that we went on to the computer and used Roller and the gang to do the number game, listen to the song and to do the activity. It was great fun trying to catch the food for Do!
We enjoyed French today and are looking forward to next Thursday!
by Fraser and Ewan J


Primary 6 said...

We hope you enjoy learning to say numbers in French. We can now do up to 59!!
Primary 6

Kirklandneuk Primary School said...

Bonjour Inchinnan! Thanks for posting all your replies to our questions. We were very impressed with your french symbols! How do make acute signs?

Inchinnan Primary School said...

Bonjour Kirklandneuk. We made our acute sign using the alt key and the letter e. We held the alt key and pressed e and nothing happens! Release the alt key and press e again and this will appear é. Try it and see!

Mrs McCluskey said...

You seem to be having fun learning your numbers in French with bananas. I liked the pictures.

Kirklandneuk Primary School said...

We've tried the e acute in our sums for you this week!

stefanie said...

I like french do you