Thursday, October 05, 2006

What we did in French today

Today we learned to say where do you live - où habites-tu? We also played a game with Roller and the gang to help us.
We got into groups of 4 or 5, and we got our picture taken. In our groups we were practising conversations in French.
by Jasmine and Josh

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SophieB said...

I love speaking French and saying Bonjour. From Sophie B

Fraser R said...

I have enjoyed french today and I am looking foward to doing numbers in french.

Gordon McKinlay said...

Bonjour. Où habites-tu?

What numbers are you going to do?

Primary 7 said...

We have been learning about Food and Drink in Primary 7 French this week. We have learned a lot in French since we started in Primary 6. You are lucky to be starting in Primary 5 as it is great fun.
Primary 7

euanc said...

i think french is great and i would like to learn french songs.

stuart f & lewis g said...

Bonjour,Inchinnan primary5.Cava bien merci.

Ross K said...

bonjour Inchinnan bonjour Fraser .I love speaking French .