Thursday, January 18, 2007

Aujourd'hui c'est jeudi!

Today is Thursday! We started today's lesson doing the register in French. Then we listened to a tape which told us things in French and we had to write the answers down in English, but the tape broke!! We were disappointed and Mrs McDowall was cross and said that's why she wanted it on a CD!! She had to make up some answers for the football scores we were to write down. She made really big numbers which was not realistic for a game of football.
Then we were introduced to the Days of the Week and learned a song about them. Hopefully you can hear us singing it on our school website.
We then went on to Kirlandneuk's blog to answer their age questions. It was fun trying to find the answers. We have decided to leave them some questions this week. Here they are!

Common ca s'ecrit Monday en francais?
Common ca s'ecrit Wednesday en francais?
Common ca s'ecrit Sunday en francais?
Common ca s'ecrit Kirklandneuk en francais?

Enjoy answering!

by Nathan and Rachel


StuartF and RossKi said...

Monday s'ecrit lundi.

rossi and kyle said...

Monday s`ecrit lundi

Bryony and hannah said...

Monday s'ecrit lundi
Wednesday s'ecrit mercredi
Sunday s'ecrit dimanche!
Kirklandneuk s'ecrit Kirklandneuk!!!

paul jones said...

Monday ca s'ecrit lundi.
Wednesday ca s'ecrit mercredi.

naomi said...

xmonday ca s'ecrit lundi.
wednesday ca s'ecrit mercredi.
sunday ca s'ecrit dimanche.
kirklandneuk ca s'ecrit kirklandneuk!!!

Kirklandneuk Primary School said...

Bonjour Inchinnan,

Why don't you try our question now? Find out what is on french tv today and in the comments box at Kirklandneuk write the day of the week in french and copy and paste the title of the french programme you find.

A bientot!

margaret & sophie said...

Bonjour Inchinnan .We enjoyed the games in french and the song podcast.