Thursday, January 11, 2007

Primary 5 French - 11/1/07

The first thing we did this morning was the register in French. Then we revised our numbers using bananas. Here is a picture of us using the bananas.

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Next we did mental maths in French using French numbers for adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying.
After that we learned how to ask somebody their age - Quel age-as tu? - and the answer was J'ai ..... ans. Only two people in our class are still 8 - J'ai huit ans. Everyone else is 9 - J'ai neuf ans. Mrs McDowall wrote numbers on the whiteboard and we answered J'ai ..... ans. We had to answer her questions really quickly, but it was good fun!
Then we did two tests. The first one was all about numbers and people's ages. The second one had a mistake in it! It said dans ma trousse instead of dans mon sac, but we still managed to draw the objects in the schoolbag!
Finally we did numbers using our bananas and Mrs McDowall took pictures.
While we were writing the blog, the rest of the class were doing this number game.
by Adam and Chloe

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