Friday, January 12, 2007

World War II: The Home Front - Two Stars and a Wish

Our topic was World War II: The Home Front. At the beginning of the topic we had to think about all the things we knew about the war and all the things we would like to find out. Now that we have finished our topic, Mrs McDowall has asked us to think of two things we loved about it and one thing we didn't like or would have liked to find out more. this is what we came up with!

Our Stars (things we loved about the topic)

Creating the posters in our group challenge
Learning about Make Do and Mend and how they did it
Finding out about the clothes they wore
Using the LTScotland websites to find things out
Looking at other school websites about World War II for facts and information
Learning about the Blitz
The role-play we did about evacuation
Our trip to People's Palace
Learning about the Blackout and the preparations for war people had to make
Watching the video about Children during World War II
Using the internet for research
Learning about Evacuation and how the children felt
Finding out about Propaganda and Censorship
Learning about what it was like to live in Britain during the War
Doing research about the ARP, Home Guard and Auxiliary Fire Service and then presenting it to the rest of the class.

Our Wishes (what we would improve about the topic)

To have found out more about the Black Market
To have learned more about the actual War and the battles that were fought
To have had time for more people to try things out during the People's Palace trip
To have learned more about bombing and the effects
To have found out more about the equipment the soldiers had
To have learned some more about Hitler
To have spent more time understanding about rationing
To have learned more about Japan and the atomic bomb
To have found out how all the countries involved recovered from the war
To have learned more about it all!


Anonymous said...

Our project is World war 2 aswell.

kimberleyA & courtneyb said...

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Mrs McCluskey said...

Hi Primary 7. I like all your stars about the World War Two Topic. You seem to have learned a lot and enjoyed all your diffrent activities. We will look at your wishes and see if we can put some of them into the topic for next year.

Mrs McCluskey said...

Hi again Primary 7. Did anyone notice the deliberate?? mistake on my previous comment? The word should be different. It just reminds us we should all check our work carefully!!