Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Date of Meeting

Dear Pupil Council Members,

Our next meeting is on Friday 1st June at 12.15. At the meeting we will discuss Rainbow Day.

See you then,

Miss Campbell


Sophie B & Karen P said...

Hello Pupil council . We cant wait untill Rainbow day. It will be very fun.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comment, we are also looking forward to the Rainbow Day too.

We are going to form a Giant Rainbow to show that We can help Sophie.

Mrs McDowall said...

The rainbow will look fabulous!

Mrs Sarah Retson said...

Good luck with Rainbow Day. There is certainly a lot of excitement and all your hard work is being rewarded.

Mrs Alston said...

I'm looking forward to Rainbow Day.......... it's a good excuse for me to buy a new green top.

Miss Campbell said...

Looking forward to Rainbow Day?

What to wear.

The colour of class's t-shirt.

School trousers or skirts.

Miss Campbell

robyn k said...

Rainbow day was brilliant i think it was such a good idea ! x