Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ma Famille - 31/5/07

Today in French we practised saying the family names. We used Roller to help us with this. Roller said the words and we repeated it. Then we listened to this song and we had to figure out how many cousins Roller had. None of us got it right, so we listened to it again and it was 8!
Next we did this Lanuages Online activity and again we had to repeat the words. We had to drag the heads on to the correct place in the family tree. If it wasn't correct, it wouldn't let you place it.
Then we had to do the sheet below. You have to write mon or ma in the correct place. Mon is for a boy and ma is for a girl. Why don't you try this fantastic sheet and see if you can get it right?
Finally, we answered Kirklandneuk's question "Combien de personnes est-ce qu'il y a dans ta famille?" which means "How many people are in your family?" and all of us had different answers but they all said "Il y a ... personnes dans ma famille."

by Robyn and Shannon


Anonymous said...

Did you get all your mon and ma correct? It can be quite tricky!
Mrs McDowall

Inchinnan Primary School said...

Remember to do your homework this week. It will let you revise all the words we have learned.
Mrs McDowall

Katie said...

J'ai une grande soeur.

Shannon s said...

J'ai une petite soeur

jordan said...

jài un petit frerè

Dylan K said...

French in P6 is fun, it can be hard.But, I hope you enjoy it!!! I hope you like my french sentence.
In French . Jài une petite soeur.
Translation.I have one little sister.
Dylan K

Sarah P6 said...

Je suis un efant unique.

Jordan said...

Hi I can say somthing in French:
Jài un grànd frèrè.
I have one big brother.
Well, enjoy French!
from Jordan

james said...

jai une grande soeur. une petite soeur et un petit frère.

kyle b said...

bonjour inchinnan j'ai quature freres