Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pupil Council Meeting

I met with the Pupil Council at their meeting on Friday 18th May to ask their views on the recent introduction of Golden Time. It had after all been their suggestion.

The good things - or stars were:

  • Everyone enjoys it and has fun

  • The teachers enjoy it and get to do things they like

  • It is good to have pupils from each stage of the school in the groups

  • We get to try new activities

  • We're not doing the same thing over again

  • Once a month is good as we look forward to it and it is a special time.

Wishes were:

  • More outside activities

  • Golden time with Classroom Assistants eg baking in morning and ready for eating later

  • 2 pupils from each class to go to Mrs McCluskey's Party.

If you have any other suggestions or points to make - post them on the blog.

Mrs McCluskey


stuartb and zoli said...

Il y a cinq personnes dans ma famille.sb

Il y a cinq personnes dans ma famille.zoli

Mrs McDowall said...

The teachers enjoy Golden Time as well!
Mrs McDowall